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The Sasquatch of Jackson Farm

The Directors (Christopher and Christine Kezelos) of the award winning short films 'The Maker' and 'Zero' are now embarking on a live action feature film called "The Sasquatch of Jackson Farm".

The Maker and Zero are films that possesses magical and whimsical elements and their stories are told through stop motion animation.

Here are the links for both films if you haven't seen it.

The Maker:


As the title suggest The Sasquatch of Jackson Farm....

"is about a young, orphaned, male Sasquatch named ‘Dog’, raised in isolation on a farm by a caring but disciplinary farmer named Bill. When Dog is 18 he discovers there’s another like him roaming in the woods beyond the farm and yearns

to be with his own kind. He must conquer his fear of the wild and find his primal Sasquatch voice to finally take control of his own destiny."

They need your support to make this all this possible. Visit their Kickstarter page here:…

to view their videos and info about the film and Kickstarter Rewards.

Also if you haven't seen their short films, I strongly suggest you do.

Thanks guys
The Book of the Dragon:…

was my very first Art Book but not really officially owned. It was around the mid 90s and I was in Year 8 high school, I came into class early, went to take a seat and noticed this book under the table. Flicking quick
ly through it before class started was a jaw dropping experience. It introduced me to Ciruelos' work and to this day in my opinion still one of the best dragon artist of all time. 
I really wanted the book and announced to the whole class room if it belonged to any of them. None of them owned up to it nor were they interested. That's about how far I took it in terms of justifying that this book was going home with me. I knew it was wrong for me to take it but back then it felt like it was left there for me to get inspired.

I think this is when my love of dragons grew and also, this book ignited my passion to develop my skills in drawing the blurry images that were being created inside my head. Prior to this I was more drawing from observation and really relied what was in front of my eyes and ignoring the powers of imagination.

If any was there any early books that first inspired you to begin your epic journey in becoming an artist?
Hi Guys,

I just wanted say a very belated thank you for all nice and kind comments on my Daily Deviation for my Tygra piece.
I honestly appreciate it:)
Anyone know know how I can find out who gave me the daily deviation so I can personally thank htem?
I'm sorry if this an obvious answer, still don't know the full features of deviantart.


Hi Everyone, 

I would just like to say THANK YOU to all my watchers and my new recent watchers for your interest and support towards my art. I do honestly appreciate it and really am grateful. I have a lot of personal illustrations that are on it's way to completion as well as fan art and I am really looking forward to sharing with you. 

My art is now available for purchase as prints. Please feel free to contact me via email on or PM me here in Deviantart.

I would also like to invite you to visit my fan page where I regularly post Works In Progress of my work and update new personal projects.

URL to my Fanpage:

Thanks again guys and watch this space!

Hi Everyone,

This is a very late thank you for the Daily Deviation I got weeks ago which really attracted many awesome deviants to my page. I am very grateful and very appreciative of that. I thank all you incredible guys for giving some of your time to viewing my art, faving me, commenting on my work and watching me. I am going to try my best to reply to all the comments that I have received which may take some time to do, so please bare with me:)

Also I still don't know how all the features of Deviantart works so is there a way of finding out who gave me the Daily Deviation? I really want to thank them personally.

Again I apologize for this very late thank you as I received the Daily Deviation on a very busy phase of client work that I had to finish with numerous tight deadlines. I have now completed some of these works and I am now in the process of having a more steady and manageable schedule.

I have a lot of exciting personal works (exciting for me anyways:) ) that I am eagerly trying to either complete or begin so stay tuned. I will have more art soon.

Also thank you for the birthday greetings in July also I really appreciate it:)


Anyone know of any cool Art or Illustration podcasts?
I am currently listening to and which are both
great. I just need more:)
I added a sketch today in my blog. My goal is to try to have at
leat one skecth in my blog a day or at least every two days.
I don't know how long that will go for but that's my
frame of mind at the moment.

Anways here is the link -
I made a promise to myself to update my blog as soon as I created one but I have yet
to keep that promise because I haven't updated since I started and that was way months ago!
I made an attempt of an update but it features some old work.

I have some scans I need to do of old sketches so if any one is interested
I'll keep you posted through my future journal entries.

For now this  s my current blog -

You may have seen these before but you will see some
new ones soon, including sketches, and if I am dedicated enough some actual oil paintings
which I have never done before. I have played with acrylics and watercolors in the past but
oils is something I am not used to.

All these in future blogs.
Hi guys! I started my blog today where I plan to show my sketches, ideas as well as some finished art. This is where some of the stuff that I don't post in deviantart or in my website ( you will most like see in my blog.

Here is the link

Feel free to drop in:)I will be updating frequently so stay tuned!