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Hi Everyone,

This is a very late thank you for the Daily Deviation I got weeks ago which really attracted many awesome deviants to my page. I am very grateful and very appreciative of that. I thank all you incredible guys for giving some of your time to viewing my art, faving me, commenting on my work and watching me. I am going to try my best to reply to all the comments that I have received which may take some time to do, so please bare with me:)

Also I still don't know how all the features of Deviantart works so is there a way of finding out who gave me the Daily Deviation? I really want to thank them personally.

Again I apologize for this very late thank you as I received the Daily Deviation on a very busy phase of client work that I had to finish with numerous tight deadlines. I have now completed some of these works and I am now in the process of having a more steady and manageable schedule.

I have a lot of exciting personal works (exciting for me anyways:) ) that I am eagerly trying to either complete or begin so stay tuned. I will have more art soon.

Also thank you for the birthday greetings in July also I really appreciate it:)


thadeemon Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Professional Artist
Awesome work G-man! Was only a matter of time!
zer0nyx Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gratz on your DD- wish I'd get one :)
Maybe someday...
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August 10, 2011


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