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The Sasquatch of Jackson Farm

The Directors (Christopher and Christine Kezelos) of the award winning short films 'The Maker' and 'Zero' are now embarking on a live action feature film called "The Sasquatch of Jackson Farm".

The Maker and Zero are films that possesses magical and whimsical elements and their stories are told through stop motion animation.

Here are the links for both films if you haven't seen it.

The Maker:


As the title suggest The Sasquatch of Jackson Farm....

"is about a young, orphaned, male Sasquatch named ‘Dog’, raised in isolation on a farm by a caring but disciplinary farmer named Bill. When Dog is 18 he discovers there’s another like him roaming in the woods beyond the farm and yearns

to be with his own kind. He must conquer his fear of the wild and find his primal Sasquatch voice to finally take control of his own destiny."

They need your support to make this all this possible. Visit their Kickstarter page here:…

to view their videos and info about the film and Kickstarter Rewards.

Also if you haven't seen their short films, I strongly suggest you do.

Thanks guys
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